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Updated 2007, WMN is now obsolete


The World Music Navigator is a MAC-based interactive music geography of the world. Utilizing maps, articles, movies, sound, images and a glossary, users can navigate between different countries and learn about the music traditions in them.

A completely rewritten version of WMN is still, (July 1997) in beta. This version will provide the new interface that will be the basis for the commercially available version of WMN. To see the interface for the newer version click HERE

If you would like to see and try the existing version, the World Music Navigator beta release 2.8 is ready and available. Documentation for this program can be Downloaded by selecting MusicNav.RTF Which will give you the documentation for the previous version of the World Music Navigator (V. 2.7)

You can download the pre-release version of the WMN Program and associated folders (MAC Only). When you run the program you will see a map of the world. You can choose the film strip tool to select a quicktime movie for either Spain or India.

DOWNLOAD MusicNav.sea (MAC ONLY!) (1012K) which is a self extracting file with sample maps articles and movies.