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Art | Global Health Center @ UCLA

Founded in 2006, the Art | Global Health Center at UCLA seeks to nurture a global network of artists, advocates and experts working in the realm of public health. Harnessing the communicative power of the arts, the Center works around the world to create public health interventions that celebrate life, buttressed by principles of human rights and social justice. Center programs challenge communities and individuals to reconsider preconceived notions of intimacy in an age of disease, and of tolerance in an age of distrust.

David Gere, Director | www.artglobalhealth.org | 310.794.9208

Art|Sci Center

The Art|Sci Center is dedicated to pursuing and promoting the evolving “Third Culture” by facilitating the infinite potential of collaborations between (media) arts and (bio/nano) sciences. In cooperation with California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, and the Department of Design | Media Arts, the Art|Sci Center supports visiting research scholars and artists in residency from around the world. The Center brings artists and scientists together in order to mesh these cultures and inspire individuals to think about art and science as already interrelated and relevant to our society.

Victoria Vesna, Director | artsci.ucla.edu | 310.794.2118


cityLAB, founded in 2006, is a think tank in the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture. One of the leading urban design centers in the country, cityLAB’s mandate is to bring together design and research to forge experimental proposals for architecture in the 21st century metropolis. Its projects engage four broad initiatives: the postsuburban city, rethinking green, urban sensing and new infrastructures. Through cityLAB, Faculty, students, designers and policy makers collaborate on numerous problems at any given time, at a range of scales, beginning in Los Angeles but extending beyond the region.

Dana Cuff, Director | www.citylab.aud.ucla.edu | 310.794.9208

Experiential Technologies Center

The Experiential Technologies Center (ETC) promotes the use of new technologies for experiential research in architecture, archaeology, classics, art history, the performing arts and other disciplines. Projects explore such phenomenological issues, including movement, sequencing, sonification, lighting and visualization. Recipient of prestigious grant awards, the ETC has distinguished itself in the spatial modeling of comprehensive environments, from buildings and cities, to scientific 3D visualizations and geo-temporal mapping. Simulations of historical environments, such as the Digital Roman Forum, allow scholars to study reconstruction issues and provide new spatial gateways into research, data assimilations and teaching about the broader cultural, social, economic and political aspects of civilizations. Scholars from across the campus, nation and world conduct research at the Center. In addition, the ETC outreach program introduces K-12 students to current and future digital technologies.

Diane Favro, Director | www.etc.ucla.edu | 310.825.6635

Grunwald Center Collection for the Graphic Arts

The Grunwald Center’s holdings comprise more than 45,000 prints, drawings, photographs and artists’ books dating from the Renaissance to the present. Established in 1956 with a substantial gift of prints and drawings by Fred Grunwald, the collection has been steadily enriched through significant acquisitions and donations. A primary resource for teaching and research, the Center serves UCLA students, faculty, and the public and organizes exhibitions and publications in the area of the graphic arts.

David Rodes, Director Emeritus | hammer.ucla.edu/collections | 310.443.7078

Now Institute

The Now Institute is Architecture and Urban Design's dedicated urban planning and research center focusing on the investigation and application of urban strategies to complex problems in modern advanced metropolises and informal settlements. Research encompasses real issues of resilience, culture, sustainability and mobility, spanning cities across the United States and the world, including Los Angeles, New Orleans, Madrid, Beijing and Port-au-Prince. In working with Architecture and Urban Design's SUPRASTUDIO and various private and public organizations for the past 12 years, the Now Institute establishes new territory that synergizes ideas and action between academic and industry partners.

Thom Mayne, Executive Director | Eui-Sung Yi, Director | www.thenowinstitute.org | 424.258.6209

UCLA Game Lab

The UCLA Game Lab fosters the production of experimental computer games and other game forms. Its artistic vision is to advance exploration of Game Aesthetics through experimentation in the look, sound, language and tactility of games; Game Context through development of games that involve the body, new interfaces, physical space and performance in new ways; and Game Genres through examination of the socio-historic-political discourse around games and the development of new genres that challenge traditional game boundaries. Founded in 2009, the lab is a leading advocate for games-related research, education and awareness, hosting public lectures, residencies, workshops, exhibitions, and festivals.

Eddo Stern, Director | www.games.ucla.edu